StyleBlazer Survey: Would You Eat Deodorant Perfume Candy?

Photo: Curious Woman image via Shutterstock

So you had Italian for lunch, extra garlic, extra onions, and your breath is extra strong. And try as you might—chewing gum, eating peppermints—you don’t smell that pleasing aroma on your breath. But now there is a candy on the market that could make all your aromatic oral wishes come true: Deo Perfume Candy.

So how does it work? Thanks to Japanese technology, Deo Perfume Candy will release a sweet-smelling aroma through your pores once ingested. It contains a natural antioxidant found in roses, lavender and vanilla, called geraniol, that humans can’t metabolize, thus it escapes through the skin. Grab them for $7.99 a bag at


Would you try Deo Perfume Candy, StyleBlazers?



-Danielle Gray

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  • Joel

    Yes I would