TV Exclusive: "Model Behavior" Interview with Toccara (As seen on BET & Americas Next Top Model)

StyleBlazer TV Exclusive: “Model Behavior” Interview with Toccara (As seen on BET & America’s Next Top Model)- An ABSOLUTE MUST-SEE!

Simply put, Toccara Jones is a ball of fun. StyleBlazer caught up with the fabulous Dayton-Ohio-born supermodel in New Orleans during the Essence Music Festival to talk style influences (she’s a self professed bombshell), her effortless ability to wow the world on Season 3 of America’s Next Top Model (“I didn’t win but I am the winner”), the role she played in inspiring plus-size women to feel comfortable in their skin and what lies in the future for the beautiful TV personality.  Indulge in the video below.  We promise Toccara will make you laugh, think, and remember why men, women and children across the globe adore her.

  • Noni

    Way to go Metanoya and and Chris, you guys did a really good job!!!! XOXO

  • MZW

    Thanks Ni, she was so much fun 🙂

  • Val

    she lost soo much weight! lookin good girrrrl

  • Acasia

    Hey this was an excellent interview and Toccara is so real! loved it very much and does she have a photo book out yet?

  • Theresa Matt

    It was a really great interview, I second that. She's naturally pretty and isn't afraid to just be herself. Keep quality stuff like this coming yall

  • Mikey B

    She just said she's a "Supermodel"?? Um, since when?

    • nae


  • Ebony

    Luv, luv Tocarra. Her bubbly personality is infectious. Keep it up grrrl.

  • supermodel

    SUPERMODEL? Do you even know what that means gurl???

  • aisha

    Is she Tocarra or NeNe Leaks? Too much lip smacking and poppin. And what's up with the baby voice? I didn't like it. Black women need to stop acting like that in public.

  • blutru

    stop acting like a drag queen, not necessary.

  • lisa

    dats right girl "Whatever God has planned for me" dats true its all by God's grace girl way to go

  • ginger

    love love toccara the best thing to come out of that show.


    love me some Toccara!
    #1.that Italian Vogue spread was FI-YAH!!!
    #2. her name IS a fragrance. make it happen Avon. *wink*
    #3. Pam Grier betta know that Toc is the ONLY choice to star in her biopic! *holla*
    hey! 😀

  • zoe

    smh at some yall trying to downplay tocarra like shes not doing anything. um lets se shes model for almost everysingle plussize company black or white. She had a 14 page spread in vogue italia al black issue which included naomi, tyra, iman. and shes modeled i nthe u.k shes done more then some of the women yall consider supermodels.

  • Tone

    Thumbs Up *ZOE*- Some of y'all are so malicious. Gods favor is clearly on this beautiful woman~ and notice she mentioned Him a few times. Why try and down play her achievements? She kept it and keeps it real. However she chooses to communicate or express herself is up to her. Needless to say Toccara is doing her thing in a big way, and the "right" ears have listened and allowed 'her' expression and style to be a vehicle for their brand(s). Do your thing ma'am.

  • Love Toccara's personality! It's so refreshing to see someone who's in the "spotlight" be transparent and fun!

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