First Listen: Alicia Keys Premieres Brand New Single ‘Brand New Me’

“Don’t be mad, I found a brand new kind of free.” Alicia Keys continues her quest for self discovery on the heartfelt ballad, “Brand New Me.”  The follow up to her sonic lead single “Girl on Fire” is stripped down, but she saves the power for her self-assured lyrics. We are counting down to the release of Alicia’s new album on Nov. 27, and her upcoming VH1 Storytellers special airing on Nov. 12.

Listen to Alicia’s “Brand New Me” below.

StyleBlazers, are you feelin’ Alicia’s latest offering?


-Jada Gomez-Lacayo

  • no


  • PopDown

    i’ve never seen a heifer so proud of breaking up a family….
    no shame whatsoever

    • Whatev_from_Bossip

      Its that ofay bl00d…

  • Whatev_from_Bossip

    “Don’t be mad, I found a brand new kind of free.” No she di’int. We mad, girI. Your new you cost another s!sta her family.

  • Lola

    The homewrecker stuff is so old. If she is, then God will handle it in due time. In the meantime, if she makes good music, then I will listen.

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