Record Deals Celebs live to Regret

14 Celebs Plagued by Regrettable Record Deals


Photo: WENN

The recording industry has a long sordid history of making superstars out of singers and musicians while severely pissing an artist off with unsavory contract terms and publishing. Here’s just a few examples of music’s worst record deals and the stars who suffered from them.

  • a b

    DMX is dumb. his label was paying 18% of album sales to the artists where most major labels pay at most 10%

  • MadHatter89

    TLC’s album is not called “CrazyHotCool” it is called “CrazySexyCool.” Jaebi, if you didn’t know, you could have easily researched it. :-/

  • MadHatter89

    Notice how every single one of the black artists ends in a terrible way (bankruptcy, loss of name, etc.) while nearly all of the white artists listed have a light at the end of the tunnel? There is racism (and sexism) in the music industry!!!