eBay Collaborates With 7 Top Designers To Bring You The eBay Holiday Collective Fashion's Very Own Justice League

eBay Collaborates With 7 Top Designers To Bring You The eBay Holiday Collective (Fashion’s Very Own Justice League)

What do Tibi, Ruffian, Johnathan Adler, Billy Reid, Chris Benz, Fallon and Steven Alan all have in common?  They are all a part of the eBay Holiday Collective, a superhero designer team put together by the world’s largest online marketplace.  The purpose of The Collective—besides fighting bad fashion and making the world a beautiful place—is to create a limited-edition collection for the 2012 holiday season.  As stated in the press release, “each member of the Collective has designed a unique capsule collection to deliver, together, a singular suite of 40+ inspired gift items.”

The collection, which will be available globally starting November 12th, will feature apparel for men and women, jewelry, travel, electronic accessories and home décor.  The items will range in price from $50 to $100, and there is no need to worry about shipping because free U.S. and international shipping is included.  As an added bonus, no blood or tears will be spilled over losing bids because all the items are ‘buy now.’  “Designers from the eBay Holiday Collective will also deliver holiday shopping inspiration this season by curating shop-able wish lists and gift lists featuring their favorite finds from [eBay,” the release also said.  We’ve pulled some of the designers’ offerings, check them out.




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