Male Celebrities Who Are Inspired By Women's Clothing

Dude Can Look Like A Lady: Male Celebrities Who Clearly Aren’t Afraid Of Embracing Their Feminine Style Side

Remember the days when men denied fashion and showed their masculinity through dirty t-shirts, husky jeans and  athletic shoes? Well, say good-bye to that rugged man and say hello to the one who is comfortable with his feminine side. From Lil’ Wayne and his animal prints to Kanye West and his form fitting motorcycle jacket, celebrity men are tapping into their inner diva for fashion flair.  Check out the male celebrities who are making femininity the new masculinity and the ones who have been doing it all along.



Photo: Apega/WENN

Drake rolls with some of the toughest guys in rap including 2Chainz and Bun B but that didn’t stop him from getting his fashion inspiration from Forever 21.

Andre 3000


Millons of women love themselves some Andre 3000, but Andre 3000 loves their wigs way more.



 Usher doesn’t see anything wrong with  wearing an orange cropped jacket.

Chris Brown


Between Rihanna and Karrueche, Chris Brown clearly loves women….and telling by this photo he also loves women’s pants.

Adam Lambert


 Ladies, if Lambert’s eye make up doesn’t make you jealous then something is wrong with you.

Steven Tyler and Joe Perry

Photo: Andres Otero/ WENN

Mom hair? Ruffles? Wrap scarfs? Steven Tyler and Joe Perry of Aerosmith look like middle aged mothers/Aerosmith super fans. Inspiration reversed, eh?

Wayne Brady

Photo: Bridow/WENN

So we know Brady’s wife, or some retro stylist, picked this out for him, right?

Kanye West

Photo: Manuil Yamalyan/WENN

Kim Kardashian let  boyfriend, Kanye West stretch out her leather jacket and blouse to wear to an event. Now that’s love.

Justin Bieber

Photo: WENN

When Bieber said he wanted his hair in a roller-set, he was not joking around.


Photo: WENN/FayesVision

These two ladies look gorgeous! Where’s Prince?

Lil Wayne

Photo: Getty Images

Lil Wayne calls himself a “martian”, but clearly he’s also a Wet Seal shopper as well. Who can forget the bold jeggings he wore to the 2011 VMAs.

Johnny Depp


That hair? Those glasses? Take away the facial hair. Johnny Depp is one rugged yet  pretty woman.

Lawrence Washington 


Washington may be the resident hair stylist of “Housewives of Atlanta” but he is also the best dressed cast member.  Kim and Nene better take notes.

Elton John


Elton John used to be the Lady Gaga of the 1970s, but he’s been calming  it down these days. Telling by the flower embroidery, bows and  jewelry, when it comes to feminine fashion he’s still standing.

  • Mia W

    I’m not interested in fruity looking men I want my husband to be a man and dress appropriately but whatever float your boat works for you then have at it.

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