StyleBlazer TV Exclusive: Video Interview with Actress Lisa Raye (Star of VH1 Single Ladies)

StyleBlazer TV Exclusive: Video Interview with Actress LisaRaye (Star of VH1 Single Ladies)

What’s not to love about Single Ladies star, LisaRaye?  She’s beautiful, talented, and adores designer shoes—Cesare Paciotti and Giuseppe Zanotti are her favorite. Now that’s our kinda gyal!  The former First Lady of Turks and Caicos has come along way since her breakout role as Diamond in The Players Club—her lengthy resume includes four successful seasons on All of Us and hit reality show, The Real McCoy.

StyleBlazer recently caught up with the hazel-eye actress to chat about the denim collection she designed, alongside PZI, specifically for women with curves, her role as, Keisha, ex-video girl turned real estate agent on Single Ladies, and her obsession with the color white. Enjoy the video below.



  • jeanette

    i love u lisa raye get your money!!!!

    • Loco

      well most of her jeans are sold out on the website so she must be doing something right.


    • traci

      why are you inspired by her? she tried her best to mess up gary payton's family and now talks about how her husband did her. its called karma. god doesnt forget. gary and his wife are still together but you have no idea what she pull their family thru. you dont feel are understand that? i would never what to be inspired by someone who hurts people do your homework hon.

  • Carmen Livingston

    Is she for real??? She is acting which takes a lot of skill? Boo Boo you are playing a played out ex video girl who has no education and aims for men with money….ok where does the acting come in?

  • hexed orchid

    yes those untalented people always bring in a million viewers…yup

  • traci cruch

    lisa ray its called karma for what you put gary payton's wife thru. rocsi is the mini you! i'm so sick of you acting like your a good person and is all about marriage. monique james felt the same way. that's why your old friends are tired of your ways… now talk about that!!

    • guest

      instead of blaming Lisa Raye, the blame should be on Gary Patton. He's the one who should be blamed for the mess that went. Your forgetting that it takes two too tangle. Lisa does'nt owe his wife anything, Gary is her husband. He is the one who pledge to be only with her.



  • DownWithARealMan

    At the beginning and end of the day………we've all made our mistakes. Maybe Gary AND Lisa have learned their lessons. I don't know. But I do know that unless people let people live their own lives and FORGIVE THEM…..that defamation of character can never die.

    So, let's just be happy that we have a interesting new black show on the network and let GOD be the JUDGE of all. Life is too short…….and everybody makes mistakes. But if we choose not to learn from them…..then they will come back to haunt us.

    Much success to Single Ladies!

  • lisa, I'm from CHICAGO, and I adore you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • whatever

    well monique needs to get gary payton in check, or maybe it's not even that…maybe he was telling her, by his indiscretions, that he was no longer interested in being her husband…it DOES take two to TANGO..TWO..and lisa raye did not make a vow to his wife…HE made the vow to his wife…not to mention…we don't know what was going on behind closed doors..his wife could be a nut job, threatening him, or plucking him in the eye while he could simply be that he truly was IN LOVE with lisa raye but ONLY content with his wife and after investing too much time and effor with his wife…not to mention Gary was all over southern new jersey fourth of July weekend acting a fool with with a whole host of women…therefore maybe he and his wife have an agreement as long as he stays he can do what he wants..who knows he could be afraid to leave but trust know and believe..from my eyes to your ears…he is not happy with the wife…couldn't be…not by what i saw

  • KillThatNoise

    Ok, here is a question to all of you posters bringing up Lisa Raye's past transgressions…have you ever made a mistake of ANY KIND? Have you ever done anything wrong? I'm trying to figure out how her positive interview regarding her new clothing line and her new TV show spawned all of this negativity and from African American women, no less. Is it possible to allow this woman to live? We have an African American show to watch that is produced by us, written by us. That is something to celebrate. Why must we stand in judgement in each other all the time?

  • Jo-An

    I love Lisa Raye in Single Ladies. She's pretty and very talented. Some people are just haters. While you guys are ridiculing her she's out there making it big…more than you guys will ever make in this life time. Good luck to her..

  • Love LisaRaye! Chi-Town Baby!

  • LOVE SINGLE LADIES & I LOVE LISA RAYE !!!! we all need to stop judging each other when we know we don't like to be judge we all make mistakes !!!!

  • nychelle

    angelical is not a word and pronounce your "designers" correctly. Education is so essential. smh

  • Anthony Lee Jacobs

    Lisa Raye, I believe in you and your ambition about everthing? Put it on top baby!