THIS OR THAT: Birthday Boy Wyclef Riding A Dolphin vs Acid Trip Azealia Banks Riding A Dolphin

Dolphin’s have always been one of the preferred cute creatures of mother nature. And we suppose if we could ride any animal, it would be one of them. However, once again, always ahead of the curve, celebrities have starting popping up riding these jovial, fantastical animals…sort of. When rapper Wyclef Jean posted a twitpic of himself half-oiled and straddling his bike a few weeks ago, the internet erupted with amazement and laughter, but mostly laughter. Sure enough, in no time we spotted Wyclef riding a dolphin courtesy of But if that wasn’t entertaining enough, Azealia Banks‘ new music video for her single “Atlantis,” which looks like a bad acid trip circa the 80s, features the ecstatic  Harlem rapper riding—what else?—a dolphin.


So inquiring minds want to know: which dolphin-straddling rapper would you prefer?

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