SB Nail Trend Alert!: Peep The Hottest Rock Star Manis Of The MTV Europe Music Awards

Photos: Lia Toby/WENN, Twitter @RitaOra

Stilettos, lace, gems oh, my! Celebs strutted down MTV’s Europe Music Awards (EMA) in all of the above and this time, we’re not talking fashion alone. We’re talking about a different set of trendy accessories: studded out nails! From the hot hostess of the evening, Heidi Klum to performer Rita Ora to award-winner Carly Rae Jepsen, let’s do a quick recap of the stars who nailed their looks this past weekend.

Click through to check out these lovely ladies and their so on-trend nail styles!

Photo: Lia Toby/ WENN

Photo: Twitter @HeidiKlum

Heidi Klum’s wardrobe changes for the night were not limited to her gowns. The blond bombshell hit the red carpet in a studded mani to match her Versace gown and later took to Twitter with an oxblood and silver combo by Nails Inc.


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