What To Wear: To Thanksgiving Dinner With HIS Family. 3 Possible Fashion 'Fits To Choose From!

What To Wear: To Thanksgiving Dinner With HIS Family (3 Possible Fashion ‘Fits To Choose From!)

So, he’s invited you over for Thanksgiving dinner with his family and you haven’t an idea what to wear.  Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!  Your outfit for the day should follow what we like to call “The Three C’s”— casual, cool and comfortable!  The idea is to be stylish, yet practical.  You don’t want to try too hard and look like you just stepped off the runway which may translate as unrelatable; nor do you want to visit the opposite side of the spectrum and look like you didn’t try at all, which will definitely translate as thoughtless.

If you noticed, we have avoided white and any other light colors.  The last thing you want is to fall victim to a big gravy stain on a white shirt and be forever immortalized in his family’s memories as “the slob”. Our Turkey Day friendly apparel is predicated on the idea that you might be helping to prepare dinner and  may even assist with the clean up afterwards.  We found pieces that will allow you to graciously go from meeting grandma for the first time to helping to clear off the dinner table, all with your style in tact!

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Baroque Print Cardigan

Baroque patterns are trending, so you’ll be cozy and current in this cardi.



Ted Baker

Full Skirt Belted Dress

Be festive with a pop of color!



Kate Spade New York

Bridgette Booties

These boots are made for walkin’ and everything else!


Vince Camuto

Gold Collar Necklace

A flashy piece of neck candy is a must.