Looking To Move? These Are The Most Expensive Cities In The U.S. To Live

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If you are looking to move anytime soon, you may want to check out this list. This is a list of the Most Expensive Cities in the U.S. to live for 2012. Some of them may shock you and some of them you may have never even heard of, but California is on the list a few times. It may be warm there all the time, but you are going to be paying some cash to enjoy that warmth. The list is based on the average cost of homes in the city.

1 – San Francisco, CA


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San Francisco takes the number one spot for the most expensive city in the country. It is located in Northern California and is the fourth most populous city in California and 14th in the country. From the Golden Gate Bridge to the World Series Champion San Francisco Giants, the city has a lot to offer and homes cost an average of $585,000.

2 – New York, NY


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The city that never sleeps comes in at the number two spot. New York City has over eight million residents and is the most populous city in the country and the people living there are paying an average of $450,000 for their homes.

3 – San Jose, CA


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Located in Silicon Valley, San Jose is the third-largest city in California and the tenth-largest city in the United States. It is sometimes referred to as “L.A. North,” but it has tried to avoid that label. Want to live here? Plan on paying an average of $443,000 for a home.

4 – Honolulu, HI


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The capital of Hawaii makes the list at the number four spot. It is the most populous city in Hawaii and has 470 high rises, which comes in behind just New York City, Chicago and Los Angeles. If you want to live the island lifestyle, a home here costs an average of $425,000.

5 – Santa Ana, CA

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Santa Ana is located in Southern California and is the second most populous city in Orange County. It is a Democratic town and has an average home cost of $405,000.

6 – Santa Cruz, CA


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Santa Cruz has the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk and is a very liberal city. With a population of 59,946 people, it is known for its coastline and redwood forests. The homes here cost an average of $395,000.

7 – Bridgeport, CT

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Bridgeport is the most populous city in Connecticut with 144,229 people. It is the home to the first Subway restaurant and the birthplace of the frisbee. The homes there cost an average of $390,000.

8 – Suffolk-Nassau Region In New York


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Known by many as Long Island, Suffolk and Nassau counties in New York come in at number eight on the list. The average home prices cost $378,000.

9 – Cambridge, MA


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Cambridge was named after the University of Cambridge in England and is now home to Harvard University. It is part of the Greater Boston area and has an average home price of $370,000.

10 – Ocean City, NJ



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Maybe Jersey Shore scared people away from New Jersey, but Ocean City has a declining population. With 11,701 residents, it could be the cost of homes too. The average homes costs $353,000.

11 – Bethesda, MD


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It might be costly to live here, but it might be worth it. Bethesda has also been voted the most educated small town and the top-earning American town. Ladies might consider this town as well, as Total Beauty ranked them #1 on the Top 10 Hottest Guy Cities. The homes cost an average of $343,000.

12 – Oxnard, CA

The ‘Nard, as known by the residents, is part of the Greater Los Angeles area. It is a major transportation hub with a population of 197,899 and the average home costs $337,000.

13 – Newark, NJ


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Newark is the second largest city in the New York metropolitan area. It is home to Rutgers University and Prudential Financial. The average home price is $330,000.

14 – San Luis Obispo, CA


The list ends with another city in California. This time it is San Luis Obispo, or sometimes known as the SLOw Town, and has a population of 45,119. The average home price is $329,000.

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