14 Celebs Who Love a Younger Partner

Age Ain’t Nothing But A Number: 14 Celebrity Cradle Robbers (Some Like ‘Em Young!)

In the Hollywood dating scene, for some, age is truly just a number, and while some like to have a partner older than them, others like to rob the cradle a bit and find someone younger — sometimes a lot younger. Here are 14 celebrity cradle robbers and cougars.

  • Ms. Chocolate

    Not really, she’s actually older than they portray her.

    • KentStateBoi

      WAIT!! So your insinuating that Beyonce is lying about her age? And all the documents that says she was born on September 4, 1981 is all false?

    • Lue Blacknell

      I would like to know if you were there when she entered this world? Come on now-how could she possibly lie about that -when there are school records to prove her age? Get a life & keep up w/your own age-

  • Im 53 my gf of 4 years is 26:)

  • yahoo

    I dont care how old she is i know she lyning about having that baby

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