14 Hot & Timeless Male Celebs (Talk About Fountain Of Youth!)

14 Hot & Timeless Male Celebs (Talk About Fountain Of Youth!)

We tend to focus a lot on the female celebrities who have aged gracefully and while we have plenty of Hollywood stars who look good for their age, let’s give the men some credit! Here are 14 male celebs who look great for their age.

Denzel Washington

Photo: driana M. Barraza/WENN.com

Denzel Washington really doesn’t look like he’s 57.

Kenan Thompson 

Photo: WENN.com

 Kenan Thompson will always have a baby face and fans will remember him from his Nickelodeon days but at 34, he’s far from the young kid he looks like.


Photo: Flashpoint / WENN

Believe it or not, musician Q-Tip is 47!

Seth Green

Photo: FayesVision/WENN.com

As crazy as it sounds, actor Seth green is 38, which means he’s going on 40!

Lenny Kravitz

Photo: Ian Wilson/WENN.com

Lenny Kravitz has a very young face and it doesn’t portray that he’s 48.

George Clooney

Photo: Brian To/WENN.com

Standing as one of Hollywood’s hottest guys and most sought after bachelors, George Clooney looks amazing at 51.


Photo: Jeff Grossman/WENN.com

Pharrell’s baby face works in his advantage because he definitely doesn’t look like he’s 39.

Johnny Depp

Photo: WENN.com

At 49 years old, Johnny Depp isn’t doing too badly in the looks department!

Hill Harper

Photo: FayesVision/WENN.com

Hill Harper is another one of those with a baby face, though he’s really 46.

Chris Rock

Photo: WENN.com

Laughter must be the best medicine because Chris Rock doesn’t look like he’s 47.

Brad Pitt

Photo: WENN.com

Recently starring in several model campaigns, who’d have known that Brad Pitt is 48.

Leonardo DiCaprio

Photo: WENN.com

Leonardo DiCaprio is 38 and we can’t say he looks like he’s almost 40!

R. Kelly


Despite his legal troubles, R. Kelly doesn’t look bad for being 45.

Harrison Ford

Photo: WENN.com

Harrison Ford is 70 and for his age, he does look great!

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