Want To Lose Weight? Check Out These Celebrity Weight-Loss Endorsements

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Are you looking to shed a few pounds but don't know how to do it? Well, we have all seen the stars shed weight with no problems, but how are they doing it? Some big names have signed some weight-loss endorsements, so check out our list of these celebrity weight-loss endorsements.

Janet Jackson

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Janet Jackson's weight is always going up and down. When she is touring she has a rocking body, but when she is not out on the road it is all about sweats and food! Earlier this year she debuted her commercial in support of NutriSystem.

Mariah Carey

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After Mariah Carey gave birth to twins in 2011 she had some major weight to lose. She signed on for Jenny Craig and lost 70 pounds and became their spokesperson.

Jennifer Hudson

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This one is a success story that Weight Watchers will never let go. Jennifer Hudson has lost over 80 pounds thanks to the program and we have all seen her in all of their commercials to remind us.

Jessica Simpson

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Jessica Simpson seemed to have a baby bump that never went away. She seemed like she was pregnant for 2 years, but after finally giving birth in May she had some weight to lose. She signed a contract with Weight Watchers and in six months has lost 60 pounds!

Jenny McCarthy

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After the birth of her son, Jenny McCarthy said that she weighed in at 211 pounds. To help her lose weight and work on portion control, Jenny started Weight Watchers and down to her Playboy cover body.

Mel B

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Mel B wanted to lose the weight from her pregnancy and to do it she signed on for Jenny Craig. She was successful and they made her a spokesperson.

Sharon Osbourne

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The Talk co-host announced recently that she has lost 28 pounds and wants to lose seven more pounds over time. She is practicing a healthier lifestyle, but how did she do it? Atkins!

Kirstie Alley

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Kirstie Alley is another star that has struggled with her weight issues. Kirstie lost 75 pounds thanks to Jenny Craig and became a spokesperson, but then gained the weight back and they cut ties with each other. She now started her own company, Organic Liaison, which she claims helped her lose 100 pounds.

Carnie Wilson

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Carnie Wilson has had two surgeries and is still struggling with her weight issues. She was the spokesperson for Fresh Diet, but her contract was not renewed when she gained weight while under contract!

Sara Rue

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Sara Rue has a new comedy show on ABC called Malibu Country, but don't think she would have landed that role without her weight loss success. Rue lost 50 pounds on Jenny Craig and became a spokesperson. She is no pregnant and I bet will be tracked by Jenny Craig after the birth.

Marie Osmond

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Marie Osmond is another one to find luck on NutriSystem. In 2007, she lost 45 pounds thanks to NutriSystem and her time on Dancing with the Stars.

Valerie Bertinelli

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Maybe it is a sign? Join Jenny Craig, lose weight and then get a job? Sara Rue did it and now we have another example. Valerie lost 47 pounds on Jenny Craig and became a spokesperson and now stars in the hit TV show Hot In Cleveland.

Carrie Fisher

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Another one that jumped on the Jenny Craig bandwagon, but after a 50-pound weight loss and being named the new spokesperson in 2011, Carrie Fisher has recently been seen around town looking a little thicker around the belt.

Ross Mathews

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Ross Mathews is best known for being an intern turned correspondent on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. He made a name for himself and now is a regular on the round table and occasionally guest hosts Chelsea Lately. He is friends with Sara Rue and was inspired by her weight loss and signed up for Jenny Craig and lost 40 pounds and became their first male spokesperson. It looks like he is packing the pounds back on lately though.

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