From Fame To Flop! 15 Academy Award Darlings Who Have Unfortunately Gone Direct-To-Video

Photo: FayesVision/

Like Christmas, Thanksgiving, or any other annual event, the Academy Awards always hits sooner than you might think. Sure, it’s often regarded merely as a night for Hollywood to give itself a long pat on the back. Yet for an actor, a nomination is considered a high honor, confirming the credibility and achievements of a thespian among his or her peers.

But not all Oscar honored actors are willing to wait for that magic project that’ll get them a shot at the statuette. No, there’s an entire set of Academy award nominated actors out there who are willing to slum it in the world of direct-to-video for the quick bucks. Even worse, some Oscar honored actors often find one of their movies dumped directly to video without warning, thus bringing their star status down little by little. Whatever the case, here are 15 Academy Award winning and nominated actors whose Oscar pedigree has been put on the DTV line at one point or another.

Oh, by the way, we’re keeping the list exclusively male as not to spoil the all-female follow-up. Enjoy!

Alec Baldwin

Photo: Apega/WENN

Following his 2002 Oscar nod for Best Supporting Actor, Baldwin went straight-to-video in the comedy Suburban Girl, co-starring Sarah Michelle Gellar. Not one of the actor’s finest moments.


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  • NYC Gal

    This list is wack! Halle Berry should have been on this list.

  • Anton Bautista

    My opinion of this list…it should have gone DTT…Direct to Trash

  • Justin Aaron Novosad

    for Bruce Dern…..YO RUMSFIELD!!!!!

  • David Nolan

    Michael caine was in the chris nolan batman films as well as several other big films…

  • tevra

    Walken, Caine, Dern are good actors who started to take bad movies for the cash.
    the rest never deserved consideration for any award other than a razzie in the first place

  • Hooha

    Did a 20-year-old write this list? A number of these people were BIG stars back in the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s. That they continue to work is a testament to their enduring talent.
    An any actor knows that stars blaze briefly, but character actors can continue to work until they die.