5 Quick Tips On How To Color Coordinate Your Holiday Family Photos

Photo: Mike Theiler-Pool/Getty

‘Tis the season for holiday family portraits, but what to wear? If you have ever attempted to coordinate family photos, you know it can be somewhat frustrating.  The more family members you have, the more overwhelming a task it can be. Color choice, for example, becomes crucial.  You have to think about the overall photo, which includes the group’s colors as a whole, the background colors, and any props that may be used.  The goal is to have a cohesive color scheme that makes the subjects the central focus of the photo. To avoid frustration during this festive time of the year, we’re going to give you some tips that will help make this year’s portraits the best yet!

We can’t get ‘dem babies’ to sit still or spot-treat the lipstick on your lapel, but we can give you some visuals to help make this year’s family photo greeting card material.




Jewel tones are best! Avoid pastels and light colors. They will wash you out.

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