Tyler the Creator Covers RESPECT Magazine

Tyler The Creator Covers RESPECT Magazine

Tyler the Creator, the leader of the Odd Future click is on the new cover of Respect Mag. Even though the LA crew’s buzz has died down a little bit, Tyler and the Odd Future Wolf Gang are still a huge current topic in Hip-Hop. You can see pics from the Respect Magazine shoot on the next few pages and an excerpt of the Respect Magazine interview with Elliott Wilson (former XXL Editor) on the last page:

  • Moi

    He's trash… his demographic is 14 year old pot heads who like to think they're edgy,. Why exactly is he on this website…?

    • Kim Jay

      He’s obviously not trash if he’s on Respect mag. Tyler the creator is a brilliant rapper who speaks to a wide audience, not just 14 year old pot heads. Keep your ignorant comments to yourself. 

  • finn

    where to get one of those hoodies!