Fiery Girl, Chill Kicks: Alicia Keys Releases Second Reebok Collection

Photo: Reebok Classics

StyleBlazers, are you into Alicia’s second Reebok collection?


-Jada Gomez-Lacayo

  • LOSTvOIce##


    • mz.thickkie

      Finally… Someone sais it.

  • LOSTvOIce##


  • LOL


  • Michelle

    Got some from the first set and will get another pair from this set. Haters stay hating and Alicia and Swizz stay winning. Hmmmmmmmmm I wonder why? idiots

    • FOHWTS

      You would be the loser. This woman does not know you from a can of paint and you stan and spend for her like you’re her b*&^%. That would make YOU the idiot.

      • Michelle

        Now that is where you are completely wrong hater. You may want to learn about Alicia and exactly how intimately she interacts with her fans. Loser!!!!

      • Michelle

        Oh and you can stop stalking me, why are you responding to my post? I made a general comments. SICKO!!!! You have that much time to hate?

  • Michelle

    Same delusional n*ggas spewing the same tired sh*t 4 years later, while Alicia has been doing her thing in life. Albums, directing plays and television, sold out tours, now new music, millions in philanthropic funds raised and you haters are still here talking about somehting you know nothing about, you are still in the same place saying the same thing, and her a** is long gone living and winning, it’s really pathetic actually.

    • FOHWTS

      Your emotional response is pathetic. Consumers can do as they please.

  • Silvermist

    Her personal life is none of my concern. I kike the all black high tops, but I have NEVER brought sneakers that are celebrity endorsed or not. I’m not impressed by anyone who brags about paying $200 and up for a pairs of sneakers. Unless those sneakers can go to work for you or have some other magical power, my money is put in the bank. I see to many people fighting and some killed over mere sneakers. BTW, Alicia does not have to pay for her sneakers, and I’m sure she has bodyguards.

  • Too long!

    Glad she is handling her business and hopes she does well with her line…..but any real sneaker addict would have went for a Nike contract. Seriously, Reeboks are played out…and ugly. Every time I see a pair, I think of Richard Simmons and sweating to the oldies! LOL. These are old lady shoes, IDK who designs them…

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