Filtered Flicks: This Stylish Week On Instagram (Beyoncé Rocks Bunny Ears, Kelly Rowland Releases Steamy Video Stills & More)

  • Purple_Crush

    I’m sorry but I found Kelly’s new video to be a snoooozzzer….

    • Just ur opnion.



    This is Beyonce’s 2nd or 3rd time posing in bunny ears. She is either getting ready to star in a Disney movie OR she has a BUN in the oven. You know how she likes to send out clues on what’s going on in her life. Before Baby Blue was born Beyonce was posing near a Blue Ivy tree and having her nails painted blue

    • cj

      Tell’em, everything the gurl does is programmed and calculated, she always provides some signs of whats next…now that she in the spotlight again, maybe is for her 5th album or the NFL show…

    • ARareBreed

      And to add she dressed in blue and her latest fragrance Pulse is blue.

  • christmas808

    Im mad Beyonce wearing Madea clothes though

  • mama jamma

    What’s up with Bey taking these weirdo looking pics, she must be going through postpartum depression.

    • Destiny

      They’re just pictures jeez. Every celeb posts pics on twitter/social media and it’s fine, Beyonce does it and she’s “depressed” or “going through something”.

      • mama jamma


  • not interested

    Ignorant blks buy Gucci products.

  • SM


  • SM

    Also, if I wanted to see the pics Beyonce posts on Instagram, I would just follow her.

    • frankie

      You clearly want to see her since you clicked and commented on this story

      • SM

        Wow, I’m psychic. When I typed this comment, I told myself that someone would likely come back with this typical a$$ response. FYI – I clicked on the story to make my comment, not to see her pics so try again.

  • Moneymaker

    Who paying for that private jet Swizz? With your bills, you need to be in coach.

  • Sassy bestseller

    My guess is Beyonce is trying her hardest to be personal with her fans like some of her peers, Rihanna, Kelly, ect but that marleting strag is not working for me. Its just dont seem real. Oh yea check out my blog Love.Inspiration.Fashion.Entertainment= bLOG LIFE mixing real ppl’s with celebrity entertainment

  • Sassy bestseller

    I love Kelly video its a nice one I just need her to give at least 4more hit singles off one album. Come on KELLY you got to set the bar high, dont just settle for ok

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