Holiday Knots: Get Hair Inspiration From Celebs Rockin’ Cute Buns (Beyoncé, Kerry Washington, Gabrielle Union & More!)

  • CriticXtreme

    Some say that Beyonce started taking these pictures to distract your mind away from her husband’s most interesting deal of 1/15th of 1% of Brooklyn Nets or a black version of the Bad News Bears. For the true business man the deal is a rip but comes with high profile antics. But did you know that when you convert 1/15th to decimal, it becomes .06666666666666666666666………….. You know many of people who scare easy have always said Beyonce and Jay worshipped the devil.

  • JazzyBossyJen

    That first pic is not flattering at all and neither is that Elvira bun…poor thing looks like a annoyed mouseketeer in that sec pic…*sigh

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