Major Giraffe Lashes: Maybelline's 'Colossal' Mascara Is Our Favorite Thing In The World, Here's Why

Major Giraffe Lashes: Maybelline’s ‘Colossal’ Mascara Is Our Favorite Thing In The World, Here’s Why

maybelline's colossal mascara


There will always be ‘Best Of’ Beauty’ lists rating products based on consumer sales and scientific tests. But we all know that the best products are the ones we have personally used and are loyal too.

Thus, telling you Maybelline’s “Volum’ Express The Colossal Washable Mascara” is the best product we’ve used for our lashes ever, may fall flat. The only solution is, to not take our word for it and just buy the product. We will say that our Fashion Editor, Tameika Lawrence, walked in the office with baby-doll length lashes and stole our attention (evidence above).

The product that comes in different shades and degrees of volume (we strongly suggest 9x), has a special collagen formula and mega brush to extend your natural lashes in just one coat.

We only ask that you thank us when you’re completely satisfied with your giraffe length lashes.



-Danielle Kwateng


  • Guest

    I’ll try it out. I have only used Lancome before.

    • Rebeca

      have you tried it yet? i’d like to know if it worked for you

  • I’ve used Maybelline Collosal, and I don’t see a whole lot of difference. I prefer L’Oreal Double Extend.

  • Stillsz6 on YouTube

    Personally I prefer to use the generic form of Latisse. My eyelashes are fabulous since using eyelash serum; and now it really doesn’t matter what mascara I use. They all work great on my lashes! 🙂

  • linda

    If Colossal leaves lashes looking like the ones in the photo, no way would I go near the stuff. Those lashes look stiff, spiky and clumpy.