Major Giraffe Lashes: Maybelline’s ‘Colossal’ Mascara Is Our Favorite Thing In The World, Here’s Why

  • Guest

    I’ll try it out. I have only used Lancome before.

    • Rebeca

      have you tried it yet? i’d like to know if it worked for you

  • Joy Lynn

    I’ve used Maybelline Collosal, and I don’t see a whole lot of difference. I prefer L’Oreal Double Extend.

  • Stillsz6 on YouTube

    Personally I prefer to use the generic form of Latisse. My eyelashes are fabulous since using eyelash serum; and now it really doesn’t matter what mascara I use. They all work great on my lashes! :-)

  • linda

    If Colossal leaves lashes looking like the ones in the photo, no way would I go near the stuff. Those lashes look stiff, spiky and clumpy.

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