Christopher Kane And Balenciaga Denies Rumor Of His Appointment As Creative Director

With all the shakeups and restructuring that has been going on in the fashion world, it came as no surprise when the internet rumor mill was buzzing with news of Christopher Kane taking over the helm of Balenciaga.  It seemed plausible considering that Nicolas Ghesquière, the current creative director, is severing his ties with the brand, effective November 30th 2012.  According to WWD, “for several years, Ghesquière was said to resent what he felt was a lack of support and funding for the brand — only exacerbated by increasing friction with chief executive officer Isabelle Guichot.”  As unfortunate as Ghesquière departure is, it is also saddening to know that Christopher Kane will, in fact, not assume the role as creative director.  A Christopher Kane spokesman told WWD, “rumors surrounding Christopher Kane’s appointment as creative director of Balenciaga are unfounded.”  They were also told by a Balenciaga spokesman that” [Balenciaga] does not comment on rumors.”  It appears we can now put that rumor to bed, but since Balenciaga still has yet to name a new creative director here is to hoping.


Who would you like to see as the brand’s new creative director?

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