He's Got Now: Miguel Covers The Fader

He’s Got Now: Miguel Covers The Fader

“You guys would tell me if I look crazy, right?” Soul crooner of the season Miguel covers the latest issue of The Fader. From the pompadour to the overtly sensual lyrics, it’s safe to say that the sought-after singer-songwriter has undergone a metamorphosis since he hit the music scene with his debut album, All I Want Is You. In this issue, Miguel grants The Fader an all-access pass to his whirlwind rock star life, including candid moments on and off stage, and features his gorgeous model girlfriend, Nazanin Mandi.
We love his frankness when addressing his upbringing and his unshaken confidence amidst speculation:

“My mother is a very eloquent woman, and my father is a teacher. Between the two, they raised me to speak a certain way. So the way I spoke, the way I dressed, all of that was like, ‘Wow, wait a second. This isn’t black… Oh, then he must be gay.’ Now, whether or not I’ve worn things that are questionable—oh my god—I look at pictures of  sh-t I’ve worn, and you know what? I don’t really blame anyone. I get it. But I was learning. I was trying to hold on to some sense of individuality in the midst of being convinced that I had to appeal to a certain kind of crowd.”

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