Fashion's Favorite French Bistro Pastis In Meatpacking Will Be Getting A Rich Roommate Come 2013

Fashion’s Favorite French Bistro Pastis In Meatpacking Will Be Getting A Rich Roommate Come 2013

What if you woke up tomorrow and all the streets were lined with Louis Vuitton and Gucci stores, and littered with the “red bottoms” that shop  them? Sounds almost like a dream, right? Now what if that Louis Vuitton store was replacing one of New York’s poshest and most loved eateries? Things just turned a little Tim Burton.

We woke up to news this morning that the Meatpacking District‘s beloved French bistro, Pastis, frequented by the fashion set and celeb circles alike, will soon be sharing building space with luxury retail come 2013, reports the Daily News.

According to the pub’s site, Jared Epstein, Vice President of Aurora Capital Associates—who invested with the original landlord, William Gottlieb Real Estate to acquire the building in 2011—says he will “try to work with the neighborhood staple to keep it housed on the ground floor, even though he has fancy plans for the rest of the building.” Naturally, Pastis’ owner, Keith McNally, was quoted as saying he would “most definitely” like it to stay where it is.

There’s no telling if the dining experience for the bistro’s patrons, who include big names like Beyoncé, Jay-Z and Victoria Beckham, will change significantly with the upward expansion of 9 9th Avenue.

We can say we personally love the Meatpacking District for its unmatched mix and mingle of butcher shops, which give it a certain raw edge (no pun intended), contrasted by the luxe labels housed behind floor to ceiling glass windows; posh restaurants and lounges peppered in between for your partying pleasure; and the occasional Gansevoort or Standard hotel to hang your hat if you’ve had more than your fill of fun for one night. But these new plans for the area has the Daily News fingering it as the next Fifth Ave. (Cue Psycho music.)

We’ll definitely be keeping an eye on the area’s developments, but for now let’s be thankful the Meatpacking is still carrying its own identity.


-Tameika Lawrence