The Rihanna Plane Has Landed: Here's 7 Outfits From Her 777 Tour!

The Rihanna Plane Has Landed: Peep 7 Outfits From Her 777 Tour!

Photo: WENN


Rihanna decided to make a lofty goal when she announced that she would go to seven cities, perform seven shows in seven days.

The 777 Tour, which started on Nov. 14, had the singer, a band of reporters and fans stopping in four continents to bring booty-popping musical joy to the masses. What seemed to be the beginning of a fun adventure, soon turned into horrible and draining experience for the 150 journalists and 50 fans who were along for the ride. Billboard, MTV and Rolling Stone were just a few of the publications to report the unabashed truth about the dismal experience.

On the upside, Rih-Rih looked great! So we decided to keep things positive and show seven of her best outfits from the tour that ends today in NYC.

Click through and take a look!