Our Favorite Black Celebrity Cameos On Sesame Street (They're All About The Kids!)

Our Favorite Black Celebrity Cameos On Sesame Street (They’re All About The Kids!)

Sesame Street is currently airing its 43rd season on the air. That is an amazing feat. Over the years, there have been many celebrities that have lent a hand in helping out the children with appearances on the iconic children. Big Bird and Elmo have seen many famous people come down Sesame Street. Here are some of our favorite

Michelle Obama

The First Lady appeared on Sesame Street back in May 2009, where she did a PSA with Elmo to promote healthy eating and nutrition. She also did a segment with Elmo and The Kids on planting a garden. Michelle isn’t the first First Lady to appear on the show: Barbara Bush, Hillary Clinton and Laura Bush have also appeared.

Halle Berry

Halle Berry made her debut on Sesame Street during its current season. It took her a while, but it looks like she brought some pizza to make up for her long delay of being on the show.


Usher appeared during the 41st season of Sesame Street, in which he presented the word of the day (Volunteer) and also helped Elmo with some dance moves in Elmo’s “The Elmo Slide” video.

Jill Scott

The Grammy Award winner appeared on Sesame Street in 2002 and brought her winning singing voice with her. She sat down with Muppet animals and sang “We Are All Earthlings.”

LL Cool J

The rapper-turned-actor has appeared on Sesame Street a couple times. He has introduced the word of the day (Unanimous) during the 39th season and in a later episode performed “The Addition Expedition.” Apparently he is too busy on NCIS: Los Angeles now to make an appearance.

Alicia Keys

Elmo likes to sing on Sesame Street and they have brought some big names in to sing with him, including Alicia Keys. She appeared in 2005  and sang a spoof of her song “Fallin'” with Elmo. She also appeared in Healthy Moment about moving your body.

Jay Sean

The rapper appeared in Season 42 of Sesame Street where he sang a song with Super Grover 2.0. The singer also appeared in the “Brushy Brush” song on Healthy Teeth, Healthy Me. 

Wendy Williams

The talk show host will appear on Sesame Street during it’ current season. Not only will she have that appearance, but she’s also had Elmo, Miss Piggy, Big Bird and Abby Cadabby as guests on The Wendy Williams Show.

Bruno Mars

The singer-songwriter appeared during Season 42 of Sesame Street and also led his voice to the “Brushy Brush” song from Healthy Teeth, Healthy Me. Can’t do no wrong when Bruno is involved.

Randy Jackson

The American Idol judge appeared during Season 39 and he introduced the word of the day, which was Glockenspiel. I don’t even know what that word is…maybe I should be watching Sesame Street! He also was interviewed by Elmo in 2011 and admitted to having a Tickle Me Elmo doll.

Maya Rudolph

This one I think could be amazing. Maya Rudolph is an alum of Saturday Night Live and currently stars in Up All Night on NBC. We loved her in Bridesmaids and now she will appear during Season 43 of Sesame Street.

Erykah Badu

The R&B singer appeared during Season 29 of Sesame Street. She has been off-the-scene for a while it seems, but she was popular at the time and she sang “We’re All Friends” with Elmo, Rosita, Baby Bear and Zoe.

Zoe Saldana

The star actress has made a name for herself on Avatar and in my favorite movie Center Stage. Zoe Saldana appeared on Sesame Street in 2010 where she presented the Word of the Day with Elmo, which happened to be transportation.

Bill Cosby



Bill Cosby made regular appearances on Sesame Street in the 1970s and early 80s. Before he was Mr. Huxtable, he was still committed to using his humor to teach the kids.

  • Charles M

    Joe Williams made one of the all-time great appearances on Sesame Street, singing an original jazz tune called “Rubber Ducky” that was so good he could have included it in his regular set list.

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