Our Girl's Guide To Surviving Thanksgiving Dinner Full & Fashionable

Office Supplies: Our Girl’s Guide To Surviving Thanksgiving Dinner Full & Fashionable

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A lot of time is spent lauding the holidays—the family, the food, the “fun.” But let’s be honest, it’s not all fun and games, is it? If you’re hosting, it can get pretty hectic. If you’re traveling, there are a million and one things to prep, plan and remember. And if you’re simply visiting family, that simple visit gets real complicated real fast if your relatives are less like the Huxtables and more like the Bundys. Brace yourself. We know how it goes, and we want you to survive Thanksgiving with your sanity and style still intact. We can’t guarantee the former, but we’ve got a great guide to ensuring the latter.

We took an office poll and here are the best pieces of advice we have to offer.


1. Your Figure Before Your Fashion

Don’t set yourself up for a let down by putting your outfit before you. Meaning, put away the pinched waists, body-skimmers, horizontal stripes, and all other styles that tell on your body for the occasion if there’s a chance you’ll be uncomfortable after eating.



2. Loosen Up

The fall/winter holidays are all about feeling the love and warmth, which may mean perspiration, whether it’s because you’re sitting by a roaring fire or your mom is pressuring you to pop out grand kids. Avoid pit stains with a loose blouse or top that will let your underarms breath.



3. Go Long

With skirts and dresses, it’s best to go longer if you can. You don’t want to spend all night easing up out of your seat to tug on your clothes because you’re almost serving thigh at the dinner table.



4. Pass On Lights And Pastels

We’re going to assume no one would attend TGD in creams, pastels, or any other light color palettes, right? Right. With that said, don’t just avoid light colored fabrics, go deep and dark to mask any dining disasters that might happen through the evening. There’s nothing better than the horror of realizing you dropped cranberry sauce on your skirt and the relief of realizing you can hardly tell!



5. Mani And Pedi, Please

It never fails that there is always one host with the “shoes off” house rule, which will spell major embarrassment for you if you’ve neglected to get a pedi. Get a pedi. And if you’re opting for boots, instead of bare feet in ballet flats or pumps, please remember to wear a fresh, fashionable pair of socks.



Good luck on Thanksgiving, girls!