Celebrity-Fashion Mash-Ups Of 2012 (Solange Knowles, David Beckham & More Hit The Fashion Scene)

When Celebrities And Fashion Mesh! The Best Star-Driven Commercial Campaigns Of 2012 (Solange, David Beckham & More)

Long before Vogue Editor-in-chief Anna Wintour started placing celebrities on the cover of her glossy, celebrities have played a major role in the fashion industry. They are obviously great endorsement vehicles, and 2012 saw a lot of celebrities cross the line of commercial activity. From the short-lived Solange campaign for Carol’s Daughters to David Beckham’s deal for H&M ads, we’ve seen some great mash-ups between celebrities and endorsements this year.

Here are 14 cool celebrity-fashion mash-ups from 2012.

Solange + Madewell

Azealia Banks + M.A.C.

Solange + Carol’s Daughter

Iggy Azalea + House of Holland

Nas + Gap

Azealia Banks + ASOS

Ellie Goulding + ASOS

Nicki Minaj + M.A.C.

Photo: Daniel Deme/WENN.com

Zoe Saldana + LensCrafters

Azelia Banks + Beats by Dre

Lana Del Ray +H&M

Nia Long + Target

Frank Ocean + Gossip Girl

Photo: WENN

David Beckham + H&M

Which celebrity fashion mash-up was your favorite of the year?

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