Can You Believe Their Age? 14 Female Celebs Who Look A Lot Younger Than They Really Are

At times, living the Hollywood life can be stressful, which can definitely make a celebrity look a lot older than they are. But, despite the stress of being a celebrity, there are some female stars who have found the fountain of youth and have somehow been able to maintain a look that is timeless. Here are 14 female Hollywood stars whose age may fool you.


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    Your mobile experience is intolerable. Too annoying to get past page 2. I don’t care that much

  2. says:

    You forgot Janet Jackson, Raquel Welch, Tina Turner, Jaclyn Smith to name a few.

  3. says:

    I feel the whole gun pointing at Halle’s face thing was made on purpose.

  4. says:

    All of these celebs are using Botox and other treatments to make them look much younger then what they are.

  5. says:

    Nia Long is 56 why isn’t she on here? LOL!!

  6. says:

    I’m sure that if we had all the $ that these celebs have we could carry our youthfullness just as well!!!!!! It doesnt say how many plastic surgerys that they have had to keep up there look!!!! It makes it very hard for myself and my 11 yr. Old daughter to feel beautiful and accepted anymore. ITS GETTING RIDICULIOUS!!!!!!!!

    • says:

      Dont base your own beauty through the medias perception of beauty. regardless how much $ u have & whether u put that $ in to surgery products or anything otherwise; beauty will only ever shine through from inside you. you must feel beauty before u see beauty in yourself. there’s something beautiful in everyone, find what is most beautiful in you & make it shine.

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    Are you all crazy, or Stupid! She, like all the “stars” gets Plastic Surgery. Continual. There’s NO black magic. Halle Berry is a Hit and Run driver who hurt someone badly, and ran from the scene! She is not all that by a Long shot! Now she is trying to take her daughter away from her own father with lies and a violent boyfriend. Not a nice person.

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    Actually, this entertainment correspondent’s name is SHAUN ROBINSON- not shauna.

    And as a matter of FACT, with a proper diet, good exercise, as well as having been fortunate enough to have inherited great genes- oh and the extra MELANIN ! Ms. Robinson IS A NATURAL BEAUTY ! No artificial assistance was necessary !

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    All the ladies look great but Joy Behar wins this one hands down!

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    The pop up ads kept me away from this story. I will not buy from these advertisers.

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