Actors Playing Presidents: These Stars Have Shined As U.S. Presidents

Commanders In Chief: 14 Actors Who Shined In Presidential Roles

We have a long history of Presidents in this country and because of that history, many filmmakers want to share their stories with the world. So many times we have seen Presidents on the big screen and the small screen. Some of the actors play dead-on roles of the President, like Daniel Day-Lewis above as Abraham Lincoln and others have lacked with the looks. Here is a list of actors who have played presidents.

Robin Williams as Theodore Roosevelt

Robin Williams took on the role of Teddy Roosevelt for Ben Stiller’s comedy Night at the Museum. They must have liked him in the role because they brought him back for the sequel.

Jon Voight as Franklin Delano Roosevelt


Pretty good job there Jon Voight. He starred as FDR in the action/war film Pearl Harbor. The movie was a huge hit and was directed by Michael Bay and starred Ben Affleck.

Gary Sinise as Harry Truman

Gary Sinise takes on roles with such class and dignity and he did that when he played Harry S. Truman for the TV movie Truman. He may have played the role of the president who used the atomic bomb, but he was well-liked in the role.

James Marsden as John F. Kennedy


The movie is being filmed right now and with a star-studded cast, this could be a huge hit when it comes out. The movie is titled The Butler and follows the life of a White House butler who served under eight presidents. James Marsden plays John F. Kennedy and is looking pretty good as JFK.

Daniel Day-Lewis as Abraham Lincoln


Daniel Day-Lewis looks pretty dead on in his role as Abraham Lincoln in Lincoln? The Steven Spielberg-directed drama opened last week in theaters and according to critics, it shines.

Randy Quaid as Lyndon B. Johnson

Randy Quaid won a Golden Globe for his portrayal of Lyndon B. Johnson. It was 1987 and the TV movie was called LBJ: The Early Years. I wonder if he took the award with him when he went to jail?

Anthony Hopkins as Richard Nixon

Oliver Stone has a love for presidential movies, as you will see. He directed Nixon back in 1995 and it showed the life of President Richard Nixon, which was played by Anthony Hopkins.

Josh Brolin as George W. Bush

This was a very controversial movie because it came out right as George W. Bush’s presidential run was coming to an end. Josh Brolin played him in the Oliver Stone movie called W. It looked at his life from Yale University to his time in the White House.

Paul Giamatti as John Adams

In the 2008 miniseries John Adams, Paul Giamatti played the title role of John Adams. He plays a very good Adams and rightfully so, the miniseries won many Golden Globes and Emmys.

Bill Murray as Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Bill Murray is set to star as FDR in the new movie Hyde Park on Hudson, which hits theaters on December 7. The movie is a little drama and of course a little comedy, but it looks at FDR’s relationship with Margaret Suckley, or better known as Daisy.

Greg Kinnear as John F. Kennedy


Greg Kinnear starred as John F. Kennedy in the 2011 miniseries “The Kennedys.” Katie Holmes starred as Jackie Kennedy. Even though the miniseries received mixed reviews, Kinnear was nominated for an Emmy for his role.

Anthony Hopkins as John Quincy Adams


Anthony Hopkins took on another presidential role, this time as John Quincy Adams for Steven Spielberg. Hopkins’ portrayal of Adams in 1997’s Amistad earned him an Oscar nomination.

Frank Langella as Richard Nixon


You may not recognize the name, but Frank Langella played Richard Nixon in the 2008 movie Frost/Nixon. The movie was directed by Ron Howard and took a look back at interviews between Nixon and British talk show host David Frost. Langella was nominated for an Oscar for his performance.

Tom Selleck as Franklin Delano Roosevelt


Tom Selleck played Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower in the 2004 TV movie, Ike: Countdown to D-Day. This showed the months leading up to Operation Neptune and documented the time before Eisenhower became the 34th President of the United States. It was brilliantly done and was nominated for six Emmy Awards.

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