Opening Ceremony Taps Yoko Ono For Menswear Collection

Opening Ceremony Taps Yoko Ono For Menswear Collection



Yoko Ono has always had a unique design aesthetic shown through her artwork and fashion. Now, the late wife of John Lennon, is being tapped as the co-designer for a new menswear collection with Opening Ceremony.

Inspired by Lennon’s “hot bod” (Yoko’s words not ours), the collection will be called “Fashions for Men” and hold 52 limited edition pieces. Including knee pads, thigh-high boots and even a jockstrap… we’re very curious to see how this will all look.


Photo: Opening Ceremony


“I think she just fell in love with John’s body and wanted to show off all of the parts of his body that she loved,” said OC founder Humberto Leon referring to the sketches being used for the collection originally drawn by Ono for Lennon in 1969. “There’s something so beautiful about that sentiment. And we’ve realized these designs in pretty actual terms of how she drew them.”


-Danielle Kwateng