Four Fashion Stocks Worth Taking A Look At Have Your Designer Bag And Money In It Too

Four Fashion Stocks Worth Taking A Look At (Have Your Designer Bag And Money In It Too)

If you’ve read your fashion bible you know one of the ten commandments is “thou must invest in a lux and timeless handbag.”  So you did just that, but the wallet in said bag is now empty.  Now what?  After all, you can’t tote around that [insert statement bag of choice here] without so much as enough money for cab-fare.  The footnote to that commandment, which is often overlooked, is “thou should also invest in your financial future.”  Investorplace has done the grunt work and they’ve come up with four fashion and apparel stocks that are worth taking a look at.

According to investorplace, Zuoan Fashion (NYSE:ZA), VF Corp. (NYSE:VFC), Under Armour (NYSE:UA),Steven Madden’s (NASDAQ:SHOO), have jump ranked this week and moved up the grade scale in the portfolio grader database.  They have all climbed from a “C” (hold) to a “B” (Buy).  If you don’t have a strong background or desire to learn the in’s and out’s of the stock market, then a financial advisor would be your best bet.  However, if it’s a beast you wish to tackle, keep in mind that it is a matter of life or financial death that you understand the stocks/companies you invest in.  Be sure to do your research, lots of it, and the best place to start is the securities and exchange commission’s websiteThink about all the fashion commandments you could obey with the dividends made.

-Shishana Evans