President Obama's Fashion Line Raised $40 Million Runway To Win, Mission Accomplished

President Obama’s Fashion Line Raised $40 Million (Runway To Win, Mission Accomplished)

If you didn’t believe that Anna Wintour knows best, then we have some proof for you.  According to Bloomberg Businessweek, President Obama’s fashion line has raised “just north of $40 million.”  The line was the brainchild of Vogue’s EIC, Anna Wintour.  The collection, “Runway to Win,” included clothes and accessories, all with a pro Obama message, by  Jason Wu, Thakoon, Marc Jacobs and other top-bill designers.  The Republicans may have had a hearty laugh at the Obama camp’s expense but Obama and his team are now the ones laughing…all the way to the bank.

Did you snag a piece from the “Runway To Win” collection?