Chanel Iman Dishes On Being Single And More In London's 'ES Magazine'

Chanel Iman Dishes On Being Single And More In London’s ‘ES Magazine’


Chanel Iman went to work on the new cover of London’s ES Magazine, posing for their recent issue. The gorgeous supermodel wore fur and all types of black lingerie for the hot shoot. The Atlanta-born beauty also took time to open up about dating, her support of Obama and what did she did during Hurricane Sandy.

On being single: “That is hard sometimes, and I get very lonely. I get asked out, but it is difficult to date a guy because my schedule is so busy. But it’s all about me right now, I just want to focus on my work. Of course, if it was someone really great, if we had a real connection, then I might make an exception!”

On campaigning for Obama’s re-election: “I have a friend who works in the White House for Michelle, and the first lady asked her I I would be interested in spreading the word to younger people, encouraging them to vote. And of course who wouldn’t want be into something like that? I wanted to be able to tell my kids that I was actually there, campaigning for our first black president.”

On surviving Hurricane Sandy: “We [her and roommate/BFF Heidy De La Rosa, also a model] lit candles and just camped out in our apartment, and prayed that we were going to be OK. We couldn’t go outside for two days, and we’ve had no electricity or water for almost a week now, but that makes me appreciate what we do have.”

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