Get Gorgeously Chiseled Cheeks With Lancome's Holiday 2012 Limited Edition Highlighter In Moonlight Rose!

Get Gorgeously Chiseled Cheeks With Lancome’s Holiday 2012 Limited Edition Highlighter In Moonlight Rose!

Photo: WENN

One major part of what gives some of our celebrity beauty faves those gorgeously chiseled cheeks is a correctly applied highlighter. But it can’t be just any highlighter. It has to be one that gives a glow without shimmer. Shimmer is fun, but it’s NOT your friend if you have sizable pores or are having your photo taken. It’s also nice if it has a bit of an icy pink color, which is exactly why we love Lancôme‘s new limited edition Blush Highlighter in Moonlight Rose.

It was love at first swatch. The radiant pink works on all skin tones and is the perfect finish on your holiday and winter makeup looks. Simply grab your big fluffy brush and glide Moonlight Rose along the tops of the cheekbones, the temples, the bridge of the nose, and the bow of the lip for that killer Jennifer Lopez-esque type glow.

Side effects include hypnosis from your own reflection and an outpouring of compliments from the general public.



Grab yours at Lancô!



-Danielle Gray

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