Haute Like Fire: Jordin Sparks Channels Aaliyah With New Sleek Hairstyle

StyleBlazers, are you feelin’ Jordin’s sleek new hairstyle?


-Jada Gomez-Lacayo


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  1. says:

    Surprised with the actual resemblance. Jordan is also a class act.

  2. says:


  3. says:

    That is one GORGEOUS Sista. I couldn’t name not one song of Hers, but I LOVE that Woman for what She stands for. She is soooooooo NOT beYAWNce!!!

  4. says:

    Stop it! We ain’t picking her to play Aaliyah

  5. says:

    Made me feel a lil uneasy. Why is she trying to emulate her? There will never be another Aaliyah.

  6. says:

    I agree with you.

  7. says:

    There will forever be only one Aaliyah. Nuff said.

  8. says:

    HELL NO!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. says:

    I dislike the comparison…

  10. says:

    :) ! They look alike, maybe Jordin will be the next Aaliyah, not in the person since cause there is only ONE Aaliyah, but maybe in the music scene she can bring back GOOD music. Maybe she’ll even play Aaliyah in the movie hell she already played Sparkle which Aaliyah was supposed too and did a damn good job!

  11. says:

    She’ll end up being a sacrifice like Aaliyah too. She better wake up before it is too late.

  12. says:

    I dont know why she even did this! Just be yourself! Thats the problem these days, everybody want to look like somebody else!

  13. says:

    yall something…I don’t think she is trying to be JUST LIKE Aaliyah. She is a big fan of hers…just like someone wearing a replica of the Thriller legendary red jacket and wavy hair to resemble Michael Jordan. Let her live! JORDIN is gorgeous!

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