Beauty Giant L'Oreal Buys Cult Favorite Makeup Brand Urban Decay (Will The 'Little Guy' Lose Its Edge?)

Beauty Giant L’Oreal Buys Cult Favorite Makeup Brand Urban Decay (Will The ‘Little Guy’ Lose Its Edge?)

Well here’s some interesting beauty news: cult classic brand Urban Decay has been bought by global beauty conglomerate L’Oreal for an estimated $250-300 million dollars.

We’ve been UD fans since way back when the animal-friendly brand first hit the makeup scene in 1996, featuring a gritty, grunge take on beauty and colorful product naming scheme (AC/DC, Roach, Psychedelic Sister, just to name a few).

Now, while adding Urban Decay to the L’Oreal family adds value and—dare we say—”street cred” to the beauty giant’s brand, we do wonder if this recent purchase could mean UD may lose a bit of its edge. We’re certain a portion of the makeup community is still sour over the Estee Lauder acquisition of MAC more than a decade ago.

Do you think L’Oreal’s purchase of Urban Decay Cosmetics is a good or bad thing for the brand?

-Danielle Gray