15 Celebrities Who Don’t Always Play Well With Others (Guess They Never Won A Congeniality Award)

  • Dina

    How accurate is this? Axl Rose did end his feud with Duff, Duff has played a few concerts with Axl’s Guns N’ Roses, the only one Axl is still feuding with is Slash.

  • Anon

    The ads on this site are absolutely obnoxious. I came here from another site, and I like the content, but I would never continue to visit this site because the ads are so in your face! I get that everyone wants ad revenue, but I seriously think this is the most ads on one page I’ve ever seen! Even a video playing that you can’t stop or turn the volume down on. How user-friendly!

  • zaz_cag

    Where’s F. Murray Abraham?

  • Twintosser

    I agree the ads are horrendous I wont be back to this site! I have to disagree with Bale did you even read why he had a tirade on the set? Anyway his work in all things charity kids with cancer, China, the Aurora shooting visits. He is great.

    • iHeartMarijuana

      Try out AdBlock Plus for Google Chrome or Firefox. It should block those stupid video ads.

  • mcpierogipazza

    I got to learn about the same mint green jacket four times in looking at just this piece. I almost have the stupid audio memorized. I’ll be skipping this site in the future. By the way, making a noun plural requires adding an ‘s.’ An apostrophe signifies possession. Someone needs to proof the text on this site.

    • iHeartMarijuana

      LOL! That was good, I like. But just so you are more protected in the future, you should try out AdBlock. It’s an extension you can add to your browser (if you’re using Google Chrome or Firefox) that blocks those stupid ads.

  • iHeartMarijuana

    Well, that made me feel very young. I’m only familiar with a lot of these people by name and couldn’t pick out their faces or their work.

  • Sue

    I would like to be able to read the article without constantly having the screen scroll down to the comments mid-reading!!!

  • crisjones

    Quote from this piece: “Apparently Murray and actress Angelica Huston both helped support Anderson while dealing with the vitriolic actor…”

    Anderson who? The full name isn’t mentioned in the paragraph. Who writes this crap?

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