5 Simple Ways To Jump Start Your Eco-Chic Lifestyle

5 Simple Ways To Jump Start Your Eco-Chic Lifestyle

From HelloBeautiful

You can soon expect for Eco-Chic lifestyles to be all the chatter among African-American women, marked by a the renewed commitment to fitness, Bikram yoga obsessions and natural hair–it seems Green is the new Black.  Eco-Chic living includes eating right, working out, being body mindful and thinking about the impact of the products you use personally and in your household.

From Tia Mowry’s search for the perfect gluten-free birthday cake for her son’s birthday on the recent season of the Style Network reality show Tia & Tamera, to the rise of organic products at your local drugstore–earth and body friendly lifestyles is a trend that, hopefully, is here to stay.

Whether you are trying to improve your energy level, or aiming to support companies that mind the chemical impact of their products, here are five starter steps that will surely get you hooked on the Eco-Chic lifestyle.

  1. On Saturdays, hunt in your local farmers market for low cost and locally grown foods. Very often, allergic reactions have to do with where foods come from. In fact, locally produced honey is said to be the best cure for allergies. And this time of year, there is no better place to find an amazing cup of apple cider. Check out farmersmarket.com to find a location near you. Challenge: make a veggie heavy, zesty dinner fresh from the farmer’s market.
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