Wendy Williams’ “Adorn” Shoe Line Left One Hefty Bill In China And Caused A Kidnapping?

Photo: Ivan Nikolov/WENN

Uh-oh. Wendy “how YOU doing?” Williams—one of our favorite daytime talk show hosts—may be in a bit of hot water over her new shoe line.

The former radio DJ quietly announced the launch of the “Adorn by Wendy Williams” line for QVC, which contains handbags, jewelry, and other accessories, earlier this year on her talk show. Though the diva is probably better known for celebrity gossip and zany antics than her fashion sense, over 12,000 pairs of shoes were ordered from a Chinese factory for the line, totaling $419,000. To date, this bill has not been paid.

And if you thought not paying your bills just got you several stern phone calls from bill collectors, things get a little more interesting when you’re a media titan who owes almost a half a mill. According to the NY Daily News, the failure to pay has caused protests, general unrest, and get this: a kidnapping.


Image: NYDailyNews.com

The owner of small Chinese manufacturing firm Max Harvest International Holdings, whom Wendy and her manager husband Kevin Hunter signed a deal with, held one of the manufacturing firm’s managers as ransom for two weeks before letting him go unharmed. As expected, the manufacturing firm’s managers have now all fled Hong Kong in fear of additional retaliation.

Things just got real.

So why not just write a check and end the madness? Williams has, on many occasions, confessed on her show to being a bit of a cheap skate when it comes to paying for things. However, her lawyer Staci Riordan says this incident is all just a misunderstanding. She told the NY Daily News, “Things don’t work in China the way they work in the United States,” and that she has been trying for months to negotiate a settlement, but if it can’t be resolved soon, her client will file a lawsuit in Manhattan Supreme Court.

Hmm…we’re not sure why a settlement needed to be negotiated, but we’ll definitely be following this story to see how it develops.


What are your thoughts, StyleBlazers? Why won’t Wendy just pay her bill?



-Danielle Gray

  • Adorn them with cash money!!

    What?!?! What do you mean things don’t work the same in as in the US. it can’t be that freakin hard. Let me help you out: take 419,00 dollars from your account and send it to whoever you were supposed to give it to when you you first signed a contract to have those dam shoes made in the first place! Something ain’t right here. She probably don’t like the shoes and feel that she shouldn’t have to pay them the amount that was agreed upon. Smdh.

  • aman

    Wendy reminds me of a cross-breed between a wild Ethiopian donkey and a Somali goat.

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