Did You Know Hermès Makes Shoes? And Sells Them Online? With 'Harper's Bazaar'?

Did You Know Hermès Makes Shoes? And Sells Them Online? With ‘Harper’s Bazaar’?

Image: WWD.com

If getting your hands on a Birkin seems like a dream, perhaps you’ll be interested in Hermès shoes which, after tomorrow, you can purchase on Harper Bazaar’s editorial shopping website, reports WWD.

With the launch of a capsule collection on ShopBazaar.com, it marks the first time ever that Hermès is selling product on a site other than its own. The French luxury brand has made previous attempts to sell footwear on their site, but “it hasn’t been a broad offering,” Robert Chavez, president and chief executive officer of Hermès USA told WWD.

It seems like a great idea to partner with the magazine. Who hasn’t seen an editorial and wanted to buy everything in it?

Harper’s Bazaar Editor-In-Chief Glenda Bailey seems hopeful, explaining, “Hermès’ resort [shoe] collection is a real preview of what we’ll be seeing in spring. We’re offering readers the unique opportunity to buy now.”

If the collection goes well, we could see future partnerships of this caliber at the glossy.


What do you think, StyleBlazers? Are you coveting the Hermès/Harper’s Bazaar collection?



-Danielle Gray