11 Celebrities Who Rock Suspenders Like Steve Urkel

11 Celebrities Who Rock Suspenders Like The Famous ‘Family Matters’ Nerd

Family Matters star Jaleel White, who played the comical, annoying next door neighbor Steve Urkel, celebrated his 36th birthday yesterday. Often dressed in his signature high-water pants, striped polo shirt with pocket protector and red suspenders, Urkel was a pain in the behind for his love interest Laura Winslow. But while we found his suspenders nerdy at the time, maybe Urkel was just ahead of the fashion cycle.

As an ode to Urkel, here are 11 celebrities who followed in his footsteps rocking suspenders.


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Diane Kruger

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Tyra Banks

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Victoria Beckham

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Alicia Keys

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Keira Knightley

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Kate Hudson

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