StyleBlazer Gift Guide: Gifts For The Tomboys In Your Life

Not every female in your life will be excited to open up their holiday present and  find a pink mohair sweater or a silky bathrobe. We ladies come in all shapes, taste levels and varieties, and so should our holiday presents. From high-waist leather jeans and studded iPad cases, to varsity jackets and Rihanna’s fave t-shirt to wear while toking up, we’ve pulled together fun, daring and out of the box gifts that are sure to please.

Whether it’s for your ’round the way homegirl who kicks it in Air Jordans and Timbs, or for your girlfriend who prefers a cozy sweatshirt over a fancy blouse, here are 15 gifts for the tomboys in your life.

Accessories Boutique The Camo Scarf $12


Tomboy Style: Beyond the Boundaries of Fashion By Lizzie Garrett Mettler $22

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