Selita Banks Says 'Buh-Bye' To Being A Victoria's Secret Angel. But Coming To A Cheese Aisle Near You???

Selita Ebanks Says ‘Buh-Bye’ To Being A Victoria’s Secret Angel (But Coming To A Cheese Aisle Near You???)

Photo: WENN

Two things we learned recently: the gorgeous supermodels we see in the annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion show have to audition for the coveted roles AND StyleBlazer fave Selita Ebanks may never be one again.

According to a story on, Selita went through the casting rounds for this year’s show noting, “You have to show up in your panties, and you have to walk and be pleasant and say hi to everyone and hope that you’ve still got it.” But get this: the beauty didn’t make the cut this year!

But if you thought Ms. Ebanks is going to try out again next year, think again. “I’ve done, what, five, six shows? I’ve experienced my V.S. days,” she told Can you even imagine a Selita-less show? Don’t cry for her though, she has better plans up her pretty sleeves and may soon be seen in the cheese aisle at a Whole Foods near you. “The fromage is like—I love that section,” she said. “I just love the different consistencies, the different flavors, paired with different wines and juices. It’s fun,” the model exclaimed.

That’s the spirit, Selita! We guess.


Will you still watch the Victoria’s Secret Fashion show sans Ebanks?

-Danielle Gray