Could Alexander Wang Be Headed to Balenciaga?

Could Young Designer Alexander Wang Be Headed to Balenciaga?


If the rumors are true, fashion favorite Alexander Wang could soon be filling the currently empty head designer spot at Balenciaga.

Sure rumors are always running around the fashion industry, but this one has some huge merit behind it as New York Times famed fashion critic Cathy Horyn is the one who speculated about the matter late last night. “Alexander Wang appears to be the leading candidate to succeed the star designer Nicolas Ghesquière, and an announcement of his appointment could be made as early as next week,” said Horyn .

While we’re excited about the possibility of Wang’s downtown cool infiltrating the fashion house that has been in existence since the early 1900s, there is some concern in amongst those in the industry. Wang is 28 and only launched his full women’s line just five years ago in 2007, rendering him a little green for such a prestigious position. But to Wang’s defense, Ghesquière was just 25 and relatively unknown when he took over the reigns at Balenciaga back in 1997.

We’ll be following this story to see how it all unfolds, but in the meantime we’d love to hear your thoughts!

Are you “in” for Alexander Wang at Balenciaga? Why or why not?