Buff For A Good Cause: Wendy Williams Poses Naked For PETA

Buff For A Good Cause: Wendy Williams Poses Nekked For PETA

Wendy Williams is the latest celebrity to shed her clothes for her furry friends. The TV show host poses in the buff for PETA, with only long locks for coverage. Her body? Totally bangin’!

Wendy released a statement about her choice to forgo fur fashion, and why she’s encouraging others to do the same:

“As a former fur wearer, I must say that I have not given fur any thought for a good seven years. I don’t think that fur is a mark of success anymore. As a decent person with compassion, it just seems like the right thing to support.

What I would have to say to people that currently wear fur, I’d softly suggest to keep your mind open and do your research. If you never come around, I still love you.”


StyleBlazers, what do you think of Wendy’s PETA ad?


-Jada Gomez-Lacayo