'Tis The Season For Festive Pants! Shop 6 Hot Picks

‘Tis The Season For Festive Pants! (Shop 6 Hot Picks)

When we say festive pants, we’re not talking the bottoms equivalent of the Christmas sweater. We’re talking going glitz with your dress pants and denim this season through hot metallic finishes and ritzy details. This is definitely the season of the statement pant, and whether you’re heading out for a holiday shindig or want to shine just because, we’ve put together our picks for some of the hottest festive pants in a variety of sizes and price points.

But first, some styling tips:

1. Dressing well is all about balance. Since your pants will take center stage with your outfit, balance it out by making sure the other components of your outfit are relatively simple. Don’t over-accessorize—the pants are quite the accessory themselves.
2. Don’t be afraid to try this look if you have thicker thighs or hips. Again it’s all about balance: pair metallic pants with a top that grazes past the widest part of your thighs for a more figure-flattering look.
3. Pair it with the right coat. Nothing kills a dressy winter ensemble quicker than wearing it with the wrong style coat. Break out the faux fur and wool when wearing these. Down coats need not apply.

Now onto the pants!


Forever 21+

Metallic Skinny Jeans, $27.80

Why we love it: They’re royal blue and metallic. Need we say more? Actually, we will say more: they’re under $30 and great for sizes 12-20.