Meet The Man Behind The Bill Cosby Sweater ('VICE' Mag Profiles Koos Van Den Akker!)

Meet The Man Behind The Bill Cosby Sweater (‘VICE’ Mag Profiles Koos Van Den Akker!)

You may have never heard of Koos van den Akker, but you are certainly familiar with his work. He’s the designer behind Bill Cosby‘s iconic sweaters on the beloved ’80s sitcom The Cosby Show. The colorful oversized “dad sweaters” were as easily associated with Bill Cosby as Jello pudding pops and Rudy Huxtable. Koos is a Dutch designer who earned a place in fashion and television history when Bill donned one of his signature sweaters on primetime. Letters poured in from viewers who wanted to buy a Koos creation of their own.

In a VICE documentary, Koos discusses the sweater that put him on the map, and being an inspiration today:

“When I did this, there was nothing like that around, so people were freaked out, like, ‘what the f-ck is that?’ …(holding the sweater) This is a very thin line between absolutely awful and something of genius. I mean, somebody can look at this and say ‘what the f-ck is this? This is the most horrible thing’ and somebody else says it’s inspiration.”

Learn more about Koos Van Den Akker and his iconic designs after the jump.

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