Do We Want To See Their Comebacks? 15 Icons Of The 1980s Who Are Returning To The Big Screen

Do We Want To See Their Comebacks? 15 Icons Of The 1980s Who Are Returning To The Big Screen

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Hollywood’s love affair with the 1980s seems to be in full swing. Nostalgia for the decade of excess seems to permeate almost every other movie being released. In the age of throwbacks, sequels and remakes, many of our favorite actors of the period are re-emerging to reinvent their careers. Here is a list of 15 icons of the 1980s who will soon be making their return to big screen.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

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The Terminator star will be returning to action films this year following the success of his cameos in The Expendables franchise. Schwarzenegger will be top lining The Last Stand next month and will co-star with Sylvester Stallone and 50 Cent in The Tomb later in 2013.

Dan Aykroyd

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After making a brief appearance in The Campaign, Dan Aykroyd will likely be returning to the big screen for the long-gestating Ghostbusters 3. The sequel, which may or may not star Bill Murray, is rumored to start shooting next fall at the earliest. He’s also working on a script with his former SNL co-star Chevy Chase which could prove to be big screen fodder (though nothing has been confirmed).

Shane Black

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Schwarzenegger’s Predator co-star was also the screenwriter behind the Lethal Weapon franchise. He’s getting behind the camera to write and direct Marvel’s surefire blockbuster Iron Man 3.

Ernie Hudson

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Ghostbusters star Ernie Hudson will also likely return for the film’s third entry. In the more immediate future he’s appearing in the high-profie Hilary Swank drama You’re Not You. The film co-stars Josh Duhamel, Ali Larter, and Emmy Rossum.

Tom Berenger

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Tom Berenger’s career was briefly invigorated by his appearance in Christopher Nolan’s Inception in 2010. Now the Major League star seems intent on solidifying his comeback. He’ll be soon appearing in the sports drama Reach Me with Sylvester Stallone and Tom Jane.

Kurt Russell

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Escape From New York star Kurt Russell attempted a comeback in 2007 with Quentin Tarantino’s Death Proof. After that movie’s failure, Russell didn’t appear on the big screen for five years. He’ll be turning this absence around with the heist comedy The Black Marks (with Jay Baruchel) and the high-concept horror western Bone Tomahawk (with Peter Sarsgaard).

Ray Liotta

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Goodfellas icon Ray Liotta has been toiling in television and direct-to-video films since 2011. He’ll be returning to the big screen this weekend with Brad Pitt in the gangster thriller Killing Them Softly.

Don Johnson

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After making a brief appearance in Robert Rodriguez’s Machete in 2010, this Miami Vice star has snagged himself a supporting role in Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained. The Oscar buzz worthy film co-stars Jamie Foxx and Christoph Waltz.

Robert Carradine

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Robert Carradine, best known for appearing in the Revenge of the Nerds series, also has a supporting role in Django Unchained. Carradine is no stranger to the genre, having gotten his start as a child with John Wayne on The Cowboys.

Christian Slater


The Heathers and Name of the Rose star hasn’t been seen in theaters since the disastrous 2005 video game adaptation Alone in the Dark. He makes his return next month opposite Sylvester Stallone and Jason Momoa in Bullet To The Head.

Griffin Dunne

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Griffin Dunne, who gained major recognition for starring in An American Werewolf in London and Martin Scorsese’s After Hours, will be returning to the big screen in the high-profile drama Dallas Buyers Club. The film co-stars Mathew McConaughey and Jennifer Garner.

Peter Weller

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The iconic Robocop (1987) star all but faded into obscurity before getting acclaim for his recurring role on Showtime’s Dexter. The success of the part led him to being cast as a supporting character in next year’s  Star Trek Into Darkness.

Maria Conchita Alonso

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Schwarzenegger’s co-star from The Running Man, Maria Conchita Alonso, will be appearing next year in Rob Zombie’s hallucinogenic horror film The Lords of Salem.

Fisher Stevens

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Fisher Stevens, star of the beloved Short Circuit franchise, has made a move from actor to director. His crime-comedy Stand Up Guys, starring Al Pacino, Christopher Walken, and Alan Arkin, hits theaters next February.

Heather Locklear


Dynasty star Heather Locklear will be returning to the big screen next year in Scary Movie 5, which will spoof the plot of Black Swan, among other films.

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    Maria Conchita Alonzo? Sometimes I found her more than a little annoying on screen. But, MAN, she looks GOOD!

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    I love Ernie Hudson! He was so good in ‘The Cowboy Way’!

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