High Fashion Rides: Jeremy Scott Designs Winged Smart Car

Jeremy Scott is one designer who knows how to push the creative envelope and yet turn his wacky wears into retail gold.  Known for his kooky runway designs and uber popular on-going collaboration with Adidas, Jeremy has managed to ruffle feathers, piss off a few folks and be taken the wrong way thanks to his offbeat designs. But he remains a veritable wunderkind of fun and funky designs with a cult-like following.

Now Jeremy is teaming up with car manufacturer Smart, to create the “Smart Forjeremy” winged car, a glossy white two-seater smart car with a chrome interior and winged tiered tail lights. This limited edition car will be able next year and the price has not yet been announced. Now you can have a winged smart car to go with your winged leather jacket and your winged sneakers!

Click through below to check out the Jeremy Scott “Smart Forjeremy” winged car up close.

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